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Working with an Interior Designer to give your home a facelift

Design, simple right? Most people are able to create hundreds of Pinterest Boards and feel completely sure of the look and style they want to achieve for their home. If you are on the fence about working with a home stylist or Interior Designer for your first or next project here are some things to consider. It will more than likely save you a lot of time, stress and money in the long run. Designers give their client more than a folder filled with photos of trendy rooms of the season and the latest trends…
Interior Designers have the experience, contacts and the software that your project needs to be completed effectively.

Hiring a Designer will be actually less straining on your wallet than attempting to do the Reno on your own. Hiring a designer comes with extra fees this is obvious, though in hind sight a designer will help you avoid costly mistakes which will save you headache and money and evidently increase the value of your home.

Working with a professional designer gives you peace of mind and an extra set of eyes, they will create an action plan based on their assessment of the space. By working with your budget they will asses what can be saved and what needs to be changed.

Interior Designers will keep you on the right track, they will help you utilize your resources in the best way. They will guide their client on where they can splurge ( Elements that will positively affect the home’s value for resale) and where they should save.

Designers have the resources your design needs, keeping you in the loop of what products and brands they choose, though taking off all the pressure on you by doing the research and contacting for you. The designer will have architects and contractors in close contact, this will benefit the speed and efficiency of the project tremendously.

Designers will create floor plans and elevations and most times visual previews for you to be able see what the finished product will look like. Interior Designers have an eye for what most clients will miss or disregard, from the obvious furniture and lighting placement to a rooms electrical outlet placements, these should be planned out and confirmed before construction begins.

Designers will give your space a cohesive finished look, with their training they think outside the box and create the space rather than just dress it up.

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